BIM Coordination

BIM Coordination

With over 10 years of experience leading and participating in building coordination teams on a wide variety of projects we know what it takes to move the ball forward for timely production of coordinated drawings for use installing in the field.

In the last decade it has not become at all uncommon to see coordination being accomplished just in time for the work to be performed. Needless to say, this is an unacceptable condition. It has been our experience that strong leadership with clearly defined goals in conjunction with the savvy to make informed decisions to expedite approval by offering intelligent, practical solutions that work.

Although we do not offer professional engineering services, we do have a very through understanding of how plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire prevention systems are integrated into a structure, under what parameters changes can be made and how to make said changes for approval by the EoR.


Our aim is to only write confirming RFI’s and have the construction team work out the solutions during the weekly coordination meetings so the inevitable conflicts that will be identified and delt with.

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